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William Dominick

Dominick's Resume

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William Dominick is an experienced and talented luthier. Dominick’s career path was inspired by interests that were instilled in him by his father. His father played both the guitar and the mandolin. He was also a collector of rare albums and antique books. In these ways, Dominick’s father certainly passed on a love for musical instruments. The passion and respect William’s father exhibited for artifacts and mediums that were unique and fragile is made apparent in the work done by Dominick today. In addition to the creative interests of his father, Dominick’s family passed on their aptitude for science. Coming from a family of engineers, he possesses the insight of scientific minds. This insight allows Dominick to approach new problems and situations in a methodical way, an invaluable skill.

Dominick’s introduction to stringed musical instrument repair (luthiery) began in his hometown of Annapolis, Maryland where he worked as a Final Assembly Manager for Paul Reed Smith Guitars. From the years of 1986 to 1991, Dominick was responsible for meeting production quotas. He handled the important task of maintaining quality control of Paul Reed Smith guitars. He also trained and supervised assembly staff.

After PRS, Dominick found himself in Wheaton, Maryland where he assumed the role of Guitar Shop Manager for Washington Music Sales Center from 1991 to 1999. In his eight years at Washington Music Sales Center, he managed the operation of a full service stringed instrument repair facility. This role encompassed a large variety of responsibilities. Dominick’s tasks ranged from supervising the repair staff to maintaining a comprehensive selection of retail parts. He also hired new staff members and provided annual reviews for employees.

The next step in Dominick’s career as a luthier was created for him while he was still employed as the manager of Washington Music Sales Center. He often did warranty work for Taylor guitars, and he found himself in communication with the Taylor factory. Over the course of nine years he grew familiar with Terry Myers, the current Product Quality Manager of Taylor Guitars. Dominick possesses an ability to create meaningful and interactive relationships with
both his customers and co-workers alike. The relationship he formed with Myers over the telephone was no exception. The relationship that Dominick forged with the Taylor factory helped create a new possibility for his future endeavors. To be specific, Myers contacted Dominick about an employment opportunity at the factory when an opening became available
in 1999.

So, Dominick left the East Coast for the West Coast. He became a Quality Control Technician for Taylor Guitars in El Cajon, California. From 1999 to 2005, he was responsible for the repair of Taylor guitars at the factory. In addition to his tasks as a luthier, Dominick also had a new role. He began working closely with Taylor performing artists so as to meet their specific and individualized requirements. While working with the performing artists to meet their specifications, Dominick became aware of the need to quantify and make sense of the nonwarranty repairs he was doing. So, he developed a pricing structure for those non-warranty
repairs. Dominick’s pricing structure provided a consistent and useful framework for customers
and employees alike to reference.

In 2005, Dominick left the Taylor factory to assume the position of Master Luthier at The Blue Guitar in San Diego. From 2006 to 2016, he maintained a wide array of responsibilities at the Blue Guitar. He performed high-end and difficult repairs on steel string and nylon string guitars, and other string instruments. Branching out from just repairing instruments that were already owned, Dominick also began producing retail sales of new instruments. He also maintained the product inventory, ordering new products as he saw fit. When the shop owner was absent, Dominick was in charge of running the entire shop.