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James McKean

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~ About James McKean

Instruments by James McKean

My instruments are all fresh, just as the great Italians were when they left the shop. I've never seen a successful antiquing job; and for both me and the new owner it's much more exciting and satisfying to see it acquire the patina of age naturally, which happens soon enough anyway. I make a point of taking care of all my instruments, if the owners want to bring them to me; as stable and reliable as they are, I like to make sure that they are maintained at their fullest potential. Even so, I almost never see them. I only sell my instruments through another shop when I know that there is someone like Sarah who has the training and the commitment to keep them at that level.  > Click here to read more about James McKean

Violin   Viola   Cello
Violin by James McKean   Viola by James McKean   Cello by James McKean
This one was built on the
pattern that was used for the
Emperor violin ... More >
  The maple back and sides
of this viola are unusual, in
that they are ... More >
  ... Maple gives a rich sound
with a fast response and
definition to the sound ... More >


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